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Whether you have to create a brand new driveway or replace a current one, asphalt is among the options you should consider. An appropriately built asphalt driveway San Antonio is going to perform similarly to concrete but at a lower cost. Although with asphalt, make sure you seal it at regular intervals for appropriate upkeep, while concrete is essentially maintenance-free. Meanwhile, because asphalt is a petroleum product, it’s much more flexible and less prone to breaking than concrete. Additionally, asphalt could also get hotter during summer days. Consider these and think about the different elements to help you decide whether asphalt is a good choice on your driveway.

The fundamental components of the asphalt which are used on asphalt paving are rock, sand, and asphalt cement, a petroleum product that’s tar-like. A brand new driveway starts with a 4- to 8-inch layer of compacted granular fill for a good, well-draining base. Two to three inches of new hot asphalt subsequently gets above it and consequently becomes compressed with a huge rolling machine. New asphalt driveways generally are driven on after establishment. However, poured concrete driveways must cure for seven days before they could be used. If you have seen or even had asphalt driveways and figured they should have lasted longer, chances are the area was not properly maintained. In order to capitalize on the lifetime of the asphalt and obtain the best great appearance from an asphalt driveway in San Antonio, clean the driveway at least two times each year. Use a stiff broom and powerful hose spray to eliminate all dirt and debris. Seal-coat the asphalt every two to five years to assure an attractive, water-resistant surface. Holes and cracks have to get repaired as fast as time permits, by using a good asphalt repair sealant and material.

Asphalt driveways typically keep going for 12 to 20 years, dependent upon the dynamics of the installation, the weather conditions, the kind of usage they receive, and also how correctly they’ve been kept up. Like the rest, the greater the care and upkeep you provide on your asphalt driveway San Antonio, the more it is going to stay in great condition. On the other hand, a poured concrete driveway typically lasts for approximately30 years. In both concrete and asphalt, it really will depend on what degree you are able to deal with it looking terrible after it’s cracked and aged beyond repair. You are able to virtually use concrete or maybe asphalt driveway in San Antonio perpetually, and so to what degree it continues to cut is constantly a problem of aesthetics. In snowy areas, snow blowing or shoveling a beat-up driveway can be very troublesome.

Asphalt driveways are generally introduced by contractors that have expertise in the job because it provides specific methods and hardware. Do your homework prior to getting a contractor, as there are lots of fly-by-nighters available ready to take your money in exchange for a low-quality output. A typical area where contractors cut corners is the granular base. Get some good info about what they use for bases and just how thick they produce them. If you’re upgrading a seasoned driveway, ask if the contractor is going to get rid or improve the existing base before adding the asphalt. Your contractor should have no less than a 1-ton roller to have the ability to compact the asphalt throughout the rolling stage.

chip sealing driveway

asphalt driveway in san antonio

You may have seen an alternative kind of pavement on specific roads, parking lots, and driveways here in San Antonio. This pavement has a somewhat rougher texture than regular asphalt, and it is lighter in color, also. This is what we call the chip seal driveway, and also, it is a favorite kind of pavement in this particular area of Texas.

Here at Asphalt San Antonio, we’re glad to offer a chip seal as one of our driveway paving options. Chip seal is a rugged paving aggregate that is long-lasting, durable and has a distinctive appearance. And those are not the sole good things about selecting this particular kind of pavement.

Why Choose Chip Seal Driveways

Chip seal driveways have a couple of benefits, and it is so easy to find out why this particular surface type is common in the San Antonio area. Allow us to share several of the advantages that chip and seal driveway provides:

It is economical. Because the chip seal is an aggregate, it usually costs less than putting a standard asphalt. It is long-lasting. Chip and seal driveways require absolutely no maintenance and can last longer compared to regular asphalt. It looks unique. Chip sealing driveway appears distinct from traditional asphalt, and also it comes with a unique look that could add a distinctive flair to the home. And although it is not really as smooth as asphalt, it is not at all bumpy like gravel, also.